Services for Teachers

Teachers and principals can need support around a number of issues throughout the school year. The following are some of the supports I can provide:


Bullying, Cyberbullying – keeping schools safer

Since the new procedures on anti-bullying were introduced in 2013, schools need to be continually aware of tackling bullying in a cohesive way. Cyberbullying has posed a particular challenge which may be an issue a school needs to deal with. This session explores ways teachers can respond to such issues when/if they arise. Also teachers need to be aware of their own responsibility around their use of social media and how it can leave them vulnerable in their professional roles.

Anti-bullying policy support

A strong anti-bullying policy is the cornerstone of a safe school. However translation from policy to practice can be difficult if a policy hasn’t been appropriately developed. Supporting schools in the development of a strong policy is a must and I provide this free of charge to schools who I’m working with.

Mental Health in your classroom

Teachers and Principals are often best placed for spotting potential psychological difficulties in their students. On occasion this can mean possible referrals for assessments and therapy. Knowing when to make a decision is often based upon a professional judgement. This workshop looks at identifying in a situational specific way (in the classroom) the early signs of mental health difficulties. It also highlights ways teachers can support a child experiencing them.

3rd Person Overview

Sometimes an issue may arise which can be helped by having independent oversight. This can enable a situation which has reached an impasse to get resolved in a constructive and positive way. Incidents of bullying where there is diagreement around what has/hasn't been done to resolve it or situations requiring alternative input can be aided by this service.