Services for Students

I provide a number of workshops which are aimed at students. These are highly educational and delivered in an interactive way. Many of the following programmes are available for both primary and secondary school students and cover the areas of:

Bullying (Primary & Post-Primary)

Understanding, recognising and tackling bullying behaviour is a priority for every school. This session explores the range of ways those experiencing bullying and bystanders can help stop it.  The workshop looks into the “roles” people play in bullying and emphasises the power of creating a positive school culture which protects against it. Cyber bullying is discussed along with a number of strategies to tackle it.

Digital Citizenship- Cyber Safety & Cyberbullying (Primary & Post-Primary)

We are all Digital Citizens in one way or another. With the vast array of social networking apps and technology out there it is improtant to know how these work and to protect ourselves and others. This workshop teaches students how social media platforms operate and how personal information can get passed around! Students learn ways to keep themselves safe when using technology and what to do if they experience Cyberbullying.

Mental Health Awareness (Post-Primary)

With a focus on understanding stress management and anxiety students are encouraged to adopt practical self-care techniques to manage changes in their lives. Students are also introduced to very basic cognitive principles to enable them to gain situational perspective in difficult situations. Help seeking strategies are explored to enable students to get help when needed.

Addiction Awareness (Post-Primary)

Understanding the difference between a habit and an addiction can be a challenge. From substance to process (behavioural) addictions this workshop focusses on identifying the features of addiction and how to deal with it. With the internet creating more and more addictive patterns it is important that students explore how they may find themselves excessively using technology to meet their needs.