Welcome to my site. The purpose of schoolsupports.com is to provide appropriate best practice support to Teachers, Parents and Students in the areas of Cyber Safety/Cyberbullying, Bullying and Mental Health. These educational programmes are available nationwide and are delivered to both primary and secondary schools. There are also a range of consultative services which schools may find useful which are listed under the services section of the website.

As well as providing educational programmes and consultative services I also offer Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  (CBT) which is available at a discounted rate to schools I work with. This can be a great support to parents who may be having challenges with aspects of their children's behaviour and mood at home and in school.

Why choose services at schoolsupports.com?

The following are the benefits to your school:

- Tailored appraoch to training material content where nesessary

- Follow-up materials for teachers, parents and students after training

- Support to schools who may need advice on bullying issues

- A whole school approach to the subject of Bullying/Cyberbullying, Cyber Safety & Mental Health

- Support on drafting Anti-Bullying policy*

- A follow-up service


Please check out the services available on this webpage and get in touch to book a training in your school


*free to every school who book a full days training