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As a Psychologist I provide Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to adults and children who require such psychological support (see endorsements below).  CBT is shown to be an extremely beneficial therapeutic intervention for those experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, phobias and other mental health difficulties. In CBT the indvidual explores how their current pattern/s of thoughts, feelings and behaviours/actions all interact to bring about and maintain their particular difficulty. Through a process of discovering the person’s unique cycle (i.e. the thinking, feelings & behavioural pattern/s) changes can be made to interrupt what is often a negative self-perpetuating cycle. This form of therapy involves clients doing some work in between sessions as it is a structured and focussed intervention. Personal reflection, thought challenging and goal setting are just a few of the areas worked on over the course of therapy*

While referral through a doctor or psychiatrist is preferred, people can contact me directly to arrange a consultation. Where required I consult directly with parents in relation to aspects of their children's mental health. This can be extremely beneficial when trying to support parents making decisions around assessment and intervention.

Consultations are generally 1 hour in duration, but please allow up to 80 minutes for the 1st meeting. 

*Initial course of therapy runs between 4-6 sessions.


"Patient feedback after their consultations with John has always been very positive. John is able to communicate exceptionally well with children. He offers concise, clear and practical advice for parents struggling to manage their child's psychological problems" (Dr. Paul Quinn- GP Clonee).

“John’s professionalism, sensitivity and ability to swiftly identify and treat a problem, are exceptional”(Dr Edel McAteer GP- Knocklyon).

Feedback from Patients is very positive (Dr. Stephanie Bourke- Psychiatrist Blackrock)