Services for Parents

Parents can often benefit from afternoon/evening workshops on issues they feel are of particular importance. On occasion parents may need more direct support and this is covered below.


Cyber Safety & Cyberbullying workshops

Understanding how children are using technology and how to keep them safe online is a priority for every parent. This workshop explores the most common ways children are using the internet and the best ways parents can keep them safe. A look is taken at the most popular Apps being used and what safety options apply to each. The topic of Cyberbullying is explored with an emphasis on what can be done to tackle it.

Mental Health and Children

Early detection of mental health issues is pivotal in getting the best support. In this workshop we look at the most common mental health issues young people are facing together with the common signs and symptoms these conditions reveal. We also look at key strategies which enable children to build resilience and look at the most beneficial treatments available to address these difficulties.   


Both substance and process (nonsubstance) addictions can be extremely damaging to those experiencing them and their families. From addiction to substances through to nonsubstances such as gambling, addictions are becoming more and more prevalent. This workshop focusses on spotting the signs of addiction and what can be done to tackle it early on.

Parent Support

Sometimes parents and families experience challenges with siblings and need additional support. While there are varying resources available to parents often times these can be lacking in cohesive agreement and many parents struggle about where to go. A consultation involving parents can be facilitated whereby a "road map" of intervention and support can be identified.