Cyber Safety Workshops


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Cyber Safety is an issue relevant to all and this training offers best practice advice and support around how school communities can best protect themselves and deal with issues. The theme throughout all sessions concerns digital citizenship and what responsibilities that involves. Please note schools are welcome to request additional/amended content they deem appropriate to their student, parent and teacher needs. This can be helpful where a school has a concern around a specific issue to do with online behavior that a general workshop may not address.

The following is an outline of the content included for Parent, Student/Pupil, and Teacher/Principal workshops.

For Parents: (90 minutes)

  • Understanding what APPS are being used by children and how they work
  • What steps can be taken to keep children safe online (Exploring the Strategies)
  • Managing Challenging online content (inappropriate content)
  • Cyber Bullying (what it is and how to spot it)
  • Setting boundaries around the internet
  • Working with the school if a problem arises
  • How to tackle Cyberbullying (Parental Responsibilities)


For Students/Pupils (60-80* minutes):

  • Using the Internet Safely (safety Tips)
  • Understanding what to and not to post: Too Much Information (TMI!!)
  • Benefits & weaknesses of Privacy settings on apps
  • Understanding what Cyber Bullying is and how to recognize it
  • Steps to deal with online bullying should it happen to you
  • Being a responsible cyber bystander (helping others)


For Teachers/Principals: (60-90 minutes)

  • How Cyberbullying occurs among children
  • Anti-bullying Guidelines & Cyber incidents (what they tell us)
  • Understanding your role in Cyberbullying incidents (knowing the lines of responsibility)
  • Responding Appropriately
  • Keeping yourself safe using social media
  • Promoting “Netiquette” in the classroom
  • Supporting Parents
  • Components of a positive classroom & school culture


The workshops require few resources and can be delivered in a variety of room environments.  Regards equipment a class data projector/interactive whiteboard is preferable together with a separate whiteboard/flipchart which allows for interactive work with the group. Please inform me if you need this equipment provided.

*Post-Primary session run a double period